Manila bay Hosiery Mills, Inc.

Manila Bay Hosiery Mills, Inc. (MBHMI) is the pioneer in the hosiery industry in the Philippines. Estsablished in 1950, we operated one of the biggest and most modern manufacturing facilities in the Philippines. We are the licensed manufacturer of the famous US brand - GOLDTOE® since 1968. We are also the proud owner and manufacturer of the popular PRESIDENT® brand.

Our brands are in almost all of the leading department stores in the country. With its expertise and production capacity, Manila Bay Hosiery Mills, Inc. served both the local and international market. We manufactured socks for US and UK brands. We exported our high quality socks to these high-end brands.

In 2004, during GOLDTOE® Brands, Inc. Sales Conference in China, MBHMI had the chance to visit one of the world's biggest and most modern hosiery manufacturers. GOLDTOE® Brands, Inc., then established a manufacturing facility in China supplying majority of its goods for the US market. This paved the way for MBHMI to have access to modern designs and high-tech GOLDTOE® products such as ALL PRO and ELEMENTS.

During the last quarter of 2006 the MBHMI board of directors decided to cease manufacturing operations in the Philippines. By 2007, MBHMI's products were all imported from China. Today, with a bigger production capacity, improved technical expertise, high tech machineries, better design ideas and a wider source of raw materials, MBHMI is closer to its goal of being the leader in the hosiery industry for many years to come.